Registration 2019-2020


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Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best.


Jesus can help me to: Be obedient, Be pure, Be true, Be kind, Be respectful, Be attentive, 

Be helpful, Be cheerful, Be thoughtful, Be reverent. 

Applicant Commitment
, want to Join the Little Marines

Parent/Guardian Commitment 

I will attend meetings, activities, field trips, and other club activities. I will proudly wear my Adventurer uniform and obey club guidelines. I will be cheerful, helpful, honest, kind, and courteous. 

  1. Encouraging my Adventurer to take an active part in all club meetings and functions.

  2. Attending events in support of my Adventurer.

  3. Assisting club leaders by serving as a helper when needed.

  4. Not holding any individual club staff member liable in the event of an accidental injury.

  5. Giving my permission for the above-named Adventurer to attend Adventurer activities.

T-Shirt (Dry fit) Long Sleeve. Maybe a reduce size